Monday, September 5, 2011


The scene was Sunday night, September 4, and all Fellows minus Haley were seated around a dinner table enjoying an innocent ice breaker.  Or so they thought.  Minutes go by, and by the end of the night we discover the following:

Meredith wants to marry a guy like a swan (a "project?").  Erin wants a guy like a comatose koala ("You think they are nice, but actually no").  Patrick wants a cougar ("predatory feline," was it?).  Bobby, a mountain goat.  I (Catie) just want someone to look shocked all the time and to hug my head, and any other descriptive phrases are forever blocked from my memory.

Soresh considers himself... [ready with your British accent?]... regal, refined, decadentIndependent and rich.  

Blue is calm and so are waterfalls.

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  1. Good fun! Although I'm sure I didn't say 'decadent'...