Monday, September 12, 2011

Lessons in Crab Feasting

Last night we were generously given several pounds of crab to enjoy for dinner. Little did we know what eating crabs in this form actually involved. Krista took the reigns on steaming it up and we all (okay, except me) enjoyed dissecting eating it!

They look apprehensive, no? 
Seasoned with Old Bay, or as Catie calls it, "Old Spice"

We decided to eat outside to enjoy the view, and avoid having our kitchen smell like crabs for weeks to come.

Suresh seems thrilled.

This photo brought to you by Patrick's obsession with camera timers.
Harder to eat than it looks.

Party crasher. Rude. 
Get it girl. 

Still going strong.
For a first crab feast, it went pretty well. The less we talked about what we were actually eating, the better it went -- lesson learned. We still have plenty of crabs in the freezer for the next time we're feeling adventurous hungry.

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